What documentation do I need?

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What documentation do I need?

As a general rule, all lenders require similar information from you. Certain exceptions may apply for different financing needs.

When we see you for your loan appointment, these are the types of documents we may ask you to bring along with you (categorised by the different types of application):

• A valid Australia driver’s licence and/or passport.

• Two consecutive payslips showing YTD earnings (no older than 4 weeks) OR
• A letter from your employer confirming your salary AND
• Your last group certificate AND
• Your last tax assessment notice.

• 6 months savings statements AND
• A copy of the contract for sale of land or offer and acceptance.

• A copy of recent statement for all credit cards AND
• Copies of six months of loan statements.

• A copy of all loan statements for last 12 months AND
• Proof of property ownership (e.g. rates notice, water notice).

• A letter from real estate agent confirming expected rental OR
• A copy of current lease agreement OR
• Recent rental statements.

• A copy of your fixed price building contract AND
• A copy of the plans and specifications.